This is the website for Circle of Song, a community choir based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.The group was started by Sheila Macbeth in early 1994. The group is now facilitated by Fiona, Kate and Nick with lots of welcome help from the others!

We meet on Monday evenings during term time at 7.30 till about 10pm at the Centre for Science and Art.

The group is open to new members for the first 4 weeks of each term only for a drop-in fee of £5/night or a complete bargain price of £30 per term - about £2 per session!

There are also several other wonderful community choirs in Stroud to try! See the Links page...

We perform occasionally, and we support charitable causes with most of our performances - see links to them here. We teach mainly by ear, but use written music a bit too. We have no paid teachers, but rely on the huge talent within the group. We follow the ethics and principles of the Natural Voice Network.

We also have a Facebook site where I've put some photos and song lyrics. Check out our diary for up and coming events by us and friends... We would really appreciate feedback, positive or negative, about the website, especially if you have any material we can post that others will find interesting.

For more info, call Nick or Fiona, 01453 752978 or email us on sing(at)circleofsong.co.uk


Have a look at the 'Stroud singing Events' Facebook page for details of local singing things too! https://www.facebook.com/groups/928476747231491/